Flying Witch Episodes 5 & 6

Back to the blog I suppose. I’m giving up on the weekly format now. This is firstly because I’m getting a bit behind on anime watching. Secondly, it is because I’m only watching two series from this season now. Flying Witch and Kiznaiver are the two victors of this season. Of course, I am also still watching Mayoiga, I just don’t want to write about it because it is a beautiful mess of a show and reviewing that would require too much effort. Anyway, onto a series that does not require any effort at all: Flying Witch.

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Spring Season Week 4

It’s been a strange week in anime this week, at least for me anyway. Instead of keeping up with current shows, I instead starting watching Hyouka again (because it’s amazing) and did some other things other than watch anime. As such, Twin Star Exorcists has finally been thrown away. Even though it is fairly endearing, I just could not find it interesting enough to keep up with. It was too generic for a shonen series in the current anime market. Also, I don’t really want to review The Lost Village this week. It was so bizarre that I wouldn’t know what to say about it other than “What?!”. That means we’re down to three shows. While not the best news for any readers out there, it is much more manageable for me. I can actually get into a bit of depth now. Maybe not this week, but maybe next week? This week’s is going to be pretty darn short.

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Spring Season Week 3

Week 3 has been and gone. A good few days ago, actually. I’m a bit late with this. Apologies. Anyway, we have another casualty this week as Kabaneri is not making it back into the reviews. I watched episode 2 last week (before I realised it was only available in China and I was watching something even more illegal than usual) and I’ve forgotten most of what happened in it. As such, it clearly isn’t worth me reviewing. I suppose I could just write “Forgettable”, but there’s already one half-arsed review this week so I’m not doing that. I may pick Kabaneri up again later in the season. It does seem to be the sort of show better watched in bulk. Anyway, let’s get onto the actual reviews!

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Spring Season Week 2

Week two of the spring season has come to an end and it’s been a solid week of anime. While not as good as the first week, most of the shows managed to remain enjoyable with only a couple failing to stay up to standard. Before I start reviewing, there are a few things I need to mention. Firstly, this weekly roundup type thing is going to be my new format for simulcasts. I don’t have the time to be writing lengthy reviews of all the series I’m watching anymore and this weekly format will let me review everything I want to without taking me ages to do it. Secondly, there have been a few casualties since last week. It’ll come as no surprise to you that Bakuon and Bungo Stray Dogs have not made into the second week. More importantly, however, I will not be reviewing Ace Attorney every week even though I will be watching it. It just doesn’t give me anywhere near enough to talk about and the review would pretty much be exactly the same each week: “It’s basically the game, but it’s not as good”. Also, My Hero Academia won’t be reviewed again for a few weeks as I will be watching Funimation’s simuldub when it gets released. This is mainly because I want to catch up with the manga before watching it. Finally, there’s no Kabaneri this week because of the earthquakes in Japan. So, with all of that mentioned, let’s get on with the stuff I actually am reviewing.

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Blog Update

This is just to update what’s going to be happening with my blog going forward. I started this blog not too long ago when I was unemployed. I started it mainly because it was looking increasingly like I wasn’t going to get a decent job and I was getting increasingly frustrated and downhearted. This blog helped keep me busy instead of sitting around and wasting away. Thankfully, I started a job last week. Sadly, this means my blog won’t be getting updated quite as much as I’d like it to be. Therefore, I have to change a few things.

Firstly, instead of writing lengthy reviews of every episode of every anime I watch, I am going to be sticking to a “Week in Review” type of format. This should help me review a large amount of stuff without me getting behind. Secondly, I will try to do some longer reviews from time to time but they are not going to be anywhere near as frequent as they were.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep this going without the quality of everything going down (it wasn’t that high before anyway). I really enjoy reviewing anime and I will be continuing with it. Just wanted to let any readers know there won’t be quite as much content as there has been.

Spring Season Week 1

The spring season is upon us and, after a fairly average winter season, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say this is one of the strongest season line ups in a long while. This is further evidenced by the sheer amount of first episodes I have watched this week. I watched 10 first episodes which, in comparison to the 4 I watched last season, is a very large amount. Even more surprisingly, most of them were pretty great. Of course, a few were not great, but, if first episodes are anything to go by (usually they aren’t), this could be a terrific season of anime. Let’s get started then!

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Haikyuu!! Season 2 Episode 25

The penultimate episode of Haikyuu’s second series was a near-perfect portrayal of a shonen manga adaptation done correctly. The concluding episode shifted focus from the series’ present magnificence to the series’ future. Episode 25 accomplishes this by centering in on Karasuno’s impending prefectural finals match against the team’s overarching nemesis, Shiratorizawa, while also highlighting Karasuno’s huge amount of progress and development throughout this second series. By doing this, episode 25 contrasts nicely with the all-action previous episode by displaying the more character focused side of Haikyuu. This provides the series with a rewarding conclusion while also creating intrigue and expectation for the recently announced third series.

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